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Ever since it was introduced in the market, it has become an instant favorite for the majority of property owners. Most were delighted to get decorative fences, which is also both affordable and durable. From experience, many people had to compromise something over the other since there are limited choices in the market. However, the birth of Simtek fences drastically changed everything.

Property owners are only familiar with the usual materials such as metal, wood, and vinyl. Many are unaware of what Simtek is. To briefly explain, Simtek is made of plastic. But wait! The plastic material of this fence is nothing like the plastic that we know. Simtek uses polyethylene, which is known to be durable, long-lasting, and resilient. It has the ability to endure impact and extreme weather temperature, including the heat of the sun since it is sun stabilized.

Because it is made of plastic, it is therefore very affordable. The average price of Simtek fences is $2500, which ranges from $1800 to $4500. This fence is certainly a steal. It is very rare to find fences which are this affordable and yet has promising qualities. This is the top choice for property owners who are on a tight budget and can’t afford to splurge on fences.

Simtek fences comes in different textures to match with different property styles. Property owners can choose among Simtek Ecostone style, Simtek Ecostone privacy fence, and the Bufftech Sherwood privacy fence for an added sophistication to the overall vibe. Not many fences offer texture options at this price range.

Over the last two decades of serving as fence company in Pittsburgh, we have mastered the expertise of making the best fences. As a household name, we are confident of the quality of the products that we offer. We see to it that we only provide the best that every property owner deserves.

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