About Us

As a trusted fencing company in Pittsburgh, we are committed to provide every property with quality fences that they can rely on. As a company that started from humble beginnings, and who was able to work its way up, we aspire to preserve our credibility. The journey was not an easy feat. However, we pledge to strive continuously to sustain the trust and confidence that property owners have on us.

Our main goal is to provide top-notch hassle-free service that benefits the life of property owners. Though there are numerous players in Pittsburgh fencing, we want to showcase how unique and irreplaceable we are. We are like no other in terms of what we can offer and certainly, different in the best way possible. All our products, from the fences itself to docks, and gate operators, are surely dependable. Regardless of how massive or how minor the products that we make, it is vital for us to uphold the same quality.

We put quality on top of our priority because we understand how these fences mean security. As fence builder in Pittsburgh for 27 years, we are committed to keeping our patrons safe and sound. Security is a serious matter and is as essential as the other basic life needs. We believe that each one must have access to quality secured fences that can keep them safe from harm and hazard. As part of which, we also try our best to keep our fences affordable. Many property owners put off buying fences because of how costly it can be. However, we think that no property owner should put themselves at risk of danger because of inaccessible fences. And so, we pledge to do what we can to be as available to most as possible.

As we aim to be an excellent fence provider, we also want to foster a healthy working environment. The Pittsburgh Fence Company is on a constant endeavor in fostering growth for its employees and allowing them to thrive. We acknowledge that it is important for our people to have a working environment that cares for them. Through looking after their overall well-being, they get to bring out the best in themselves, which results in a long list of benefits, for both themselves and the company.

In an effort to be minimize our carbon footprint, we try to adapt environment-friendly methods. We believe in the importance of being sustainable in this day and age. While it is not the easiest thing to do, we are motivated by the numerous wonderful benefits that it can bring to the environment and the society. We also believe that it is our responsibility towards our community to do what we can to preserve the environment.

We are looking forward to the countless years that we are going to serve the city of Pittsburgh. We vow to remain true to our promises and claims. Rest assured that our products will continuously be the best in terms of quality, dependability and affordability. For inquiries, call us at 412-851-6524.