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Most property owners prioritize accessibility in choosing the location of their estate. Understandably, accessibility is an important factor. It makes living easy, especially that you are few minutes away from essential services. However, living in an accessible spot also means that you are located near roads. As we all know, roads are prone to danger since cars often get into accidents. On very a very unfortunate circumstance where a road mishap may happen, roadside properties are at risk. More often than not, properties incur damage from car accidents. Yes, it is very worrisome. But the good news is, it is preventable. Guard rails are excellent in keeping your property protected and safe from impending danger.

Here at The Pittsburgh Fence Company, we have three guard rails available. You can opt for any of it depending on the location of your property.

  • Steel Guard Rails

Properties located near freeways and major highways should avail of this type. It has the best strength to stop cars from crashing into the property. Because of its solid built, steel remains uncontested in terms of stability.

  • Wood Guard Rails

Meanwhile, if your property is located near average size roads, then a wood guard rail may work for you. Although it is not as sturdy as steel, it has enough capacity to stop speeding cars. Rest assured that it can protect your property just the same. However, beware that damages that the wood may incur may possibly be irreparable, which means you might need to replace it after a crash.

  • Three-strand Cable

Finally, if you are living by not-so busy roads, we suggest getting this type. Unlike the first two types, it has no car stopping capacity. However, it can still help slow down cars from damaging the property. Since it can only provide minimal protection, it is very cost friendly.

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