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We have been servicing properties for 23 years now.

“Transaction with their staff was very fast and easy.”

“Since I had my fence installed by their team, I always call them for all my fence-related needs and concerns.”

“This is the best fence company in the area, they did an amazing job on our fence…”


As a trusted fencing company in Pittsburgh, we are committed to provide every property with quality fences that they can rely on. As a company that started from humble beginnings, and who was able to work its way up, we aspire to preserve our credibility. The journey was not an easy feat. However, we pledge to strive continuously to sustain the trust and confidence that property owners have on us.

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Simtek Fence Installation Pittsburgh Ever since it was introduced in the market, it has become an instant favorite for the majority of

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Cedar Wood Fence Installation Pittsburgh Fences come in different shapes, sizes, forms, and types. You can opt for short or tall fences,

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Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation Pittsburgh Installing an aluminum porch hand railing can do surprising wonders for your property. It can elevate,

Are you sick of empty promises? Are you looking for fences which can actually deliver? If you say yes to these, well, you definitely came to the right place. The Pittsburgh Fence Company is here to provide you with solutions with your fence problems. We are an all in one fence company in Pittsburgh that you can rely on.

Just a brief background, we have been a fence contractor in Pittsburgh since 1993. Over the last two decades, we have become the go-to for property owners in terms of fencing in Pittsburgh. Our consistency in the quality of our products and services helped us to become among the trusted ones in the business. Fences are responsible in providing safety and as we all know, safety is never taken lightly. We are motivated to provide the same unfaltering quality because we know how much property owners depend on us. They trust us to provide something that is as serious as safety.

Below is the complete list of products that we offer.

  • Chain Link Fence Installation
  • Vinyl Fence Installation
  • Simtek Fence Installation
  • Steel & Aluminum Fence Installation
  • Aluminum Porch Hand Railing Installation
  • Cedar Wood Fence Installation
  • Cages & Enclosures Installation
  • Ornamental Aluminum & Steel Fence Installation
  • Guard rails Installation
  • Dog Kennels Installation
  • Gate Operators Installation
  • Dock Parts Installation
  • Tennis Courts Fence Installation
  • Dumpster Enclosures Installation
  • Back Stops Installation
  • Temporary Fence Installation

Aside from fences itself, we also offer other essential products that is as vital in ensuring the safety and security. While the fences itself are important, it is equally necessary to have fitting equipment to complement it. For the complete list and for more details for each one, you can call us at 412-851-6524, and someone will assist you.

Since fences cost a considerable amount of money, you want to be sure that you transact with a legitimate fence company who can deliver. To give you the confidence that you can trust in us, we have included a page of reviews from our former clients. You can check the star ratings they gave as well as the comments. However, if you remain unconvinced of what we can give, we urge you to call your friends and ask about us. Our almost 30 years of service as fence builder in Pittsburgh allowed us to build and install thousands of fences for all types of properties.  

We would not be able to last this long in the business if not because of our products and services. We take pride in the quality of our fences and we can assure you that you will never go wrong in choosing us. We have an unstained credibility in Pittsburgh for how durable and dependable our fences are. To give our clients the best fences, we work hard in conducting quality control. Anything that is subpar, we outright reject it. As a trusted fence installation company in Pittsburgh, we want to keep our clients secured that we will never compromise their safety. As much as they want to protect their possessions, family, and business, we want the same as well for them. Nothing less than that.

We also offer customization services for our clients. Fences, unlike other fixtures, are out there and exposed for everyone to see. If we can settle for standard looking indoor fittings, fences are nothing quite like that. Fences should look nothing less than the property’s style because it can either make or break the overall look of the estate. A property is a significant investment and no property owner should allow that the fences ruin the overall look of the façade. To make sure that the fences match with the property, we offer customization services. We want to give our clients the opportunity to choose the style, design, and the material that they want.  With this, they can mix and match different materials and various textures, according to what they feel. Our craftsmen are very talented and skill to serve you. If you want a unique design, they can help you create from scratch. If you want, it can be a collaborative project between you and our team for the best results.

You can avail all of these—durability, beauty, and quality—at a very affordable price. Our prices are at a reasonable level. With the stiffening Pittsburgh fencing competition, we get to remain relevant in the business by making sure that clients get the value for their money. Fences are major investments which costs significant amount of money, and so we see to it that we get to satisfy property owners the best way possible. Prices vary hugely among the various types of fences, which means we cannot give exact prices as of this writing. However, we have good news. Here at The Pittsburgh Fence Company, we offer free estimates. To avail of which, all you have to do is to fill out the form here on our website, or you can call us at 412-851-6524. We can guarantee you that we will reach out to you as soon as we can.

Aside from the products itself, you can also count on our efficient services.  We have a systematic way of doing things to ensure that we get to finish projects in the best time possible. Time is of the essence and every minute is precious. We see to it that we follow the timeline strictly to ensure that everything stays on track. In case that there is work suspension, we can assure you that we are going to inform you ahead of time.

If you want peace of mind, we urge you to go for a trusted Pittsburgh fence company such as us. You can depend on us for the quality that you want. We can guarantee you with peace of mind since our products are ultimately dependable and reliable. Our superb reputation in the industry is enough proof of our capacity to provide the best fences in Pittsburgh. Our lines are always open for you. For inquiries, you can call us at 412-851-6524.



Do you offer free estimates?

We don’t provide complimentary estimates, but we’re pleased to offer a waiver or rebate of our estimation fee if you choose to hire us for the project.

How soon can you install my fence?

We cannot say as of now, but we have a rough estimate of about 5 weeks starting from the beginning of the production. Manufacturing takes quite some time because of our meticulous process to get the best possible result. Note that this time frame may still vary depending on the style, design, size, and material of your fence. However, we can guarantee you of our quick turnaround time. We have an efficient streamlined process to ensure that the projects are right on time. Prior to beginning a project, we set timelines for easier evaluation. As much as we can, we try to avoid any delays.

How long will my fence installation take?

Our systematic installation process will only take around a week or two depending on the circumstances. In an ideal situation, the fence installation can happen right away after coming out from production. In case that there are no interruptions, we can assure the 1 to 2-week timeframe. However, since weather can sometimes be truly unpredictable it might cause suspension of workdays which may lead to delay in the overall progress. We seek for your understanding in times when it is inevitable for us to cancel work. Even when we want to finish the job as soon as possible, we do not want to put at risk our installation team.

Will you obtain a fence permit for my project?

We can absolutely do it for you. In our years of serving in the business, we treat obtaining of fence permits as if a complementary service. We understand how some property owners feel the burden of having to do the paperwork and make countless trips to the issuing agency. If the fence permits are not obtained on time, it might lead to delay. To ensure the seamless progress in the overall project, we see to it to get it early on. However, we still need your assistance through providing the documents listed below:

  • Neighbor’s signature forms
  • Signature notarization
  • Neighborhood association approval
  • Mortgage survey

What types of fencing materials do you install?

We install almost every material that you can think of. Since property owners have different needs, we see to it that we get to provide for each need accordingly. Aside from that, we want to give them choices to keep them happy and satisfied. You can find the list of materials below.

  • Vinyl fences
  • Backstop fences
  • Simtek fences
  • Ornamental aluminum and steel fences
  • Wooden fences
  • Chain link fences

If you are having trouble choosing the material for your fence, we can certainly help you pick out the best one. We understand that picking out from these numerous choices can be tricky and challenging and we want to ease the process for you.

Are There Legal Restrictions on My Fence?

It depends on where your property is located. Normally, legal restrictions are implemented on a local level. If you are unaware of whether your area has legal restrictions, we strongly urge you to consult with the authorities first prior to purchasing fences. It will help you trim down the choices and make the picking of the fence an easier job. Aside from that, if you fail to consult these restrictions, you might end up getting inappropriate fences. If you can, try to seek for written rulebooks for complete information. Typically, the legal restrictions include the height, design, and style of the fences.

Do I Need to Consult My Neighbors?

Yes, it is best that you consult with your neighbors. While your fence is entirely up to you, it is best to consult still with your neighbor. After all, the fences will stand between you and them, affecting them as well. Some neighbors are generous enough to contribute with the project expenses. Aside from that, the installation of fences can be quite a significant project that may be bothersome for your neighbors. However, if your neighbors are aware of your project ahead of time, they can prepare early on. In this way, you can avoid getting into conflict with your neighbor.

How Deep Should My Fence Posts Be?

It depends on how tall your fences are. Fence posts are essential in ensuring that the fences remain stable and steady. To identify the ideal depth of fence posts, one must determine the exact fence measurements. As overview, average fences require 3 to 4 feet deep fence posts. If you have taller than average fences, you will be needing deeper fence posts. On the other hand, if your fences are shorter than average, you will need shallower fence posts. But no need to worry about fence posts, since our team will be taking care of the computations as well as the actual installation.

Should the Fence Touch the Ground?

It depends on the purpose of the fences. Most fences are not supposed to touch the ground because of the moisture. Metal fences especially are very sensitive to which. If the fence remains in contact with it for an extended period, it may cause rust on it, and may damage it in the long run. However, rust is preventable with sufficient material protection. Meanwhile, there are special fences which can touch the ground. These fences are allowed to touch the ground. Fences that can touch the ground are normally intended to keep insects and pests from entering the yard or the garden.

Does the Weather Affect the Installation?

Yes, definitely weather affects the installation. Since fences are typically outdoors, the team is most likely exposed to weather. It is certainly challenging to work under extreme weather conditions and might affect the overall quality of the work. Aside from that, it also affects the state of the materials and may cause it to either contract or swell depending on the circumstances. As much as we can, we avoid using materials in their unusual state as it may adversely affect the quality of the fences. We usually suspend work when the humidity is high, strong rains, high temperature, and too low temperature. 

What Material Should I Use for My Fence?

It depends on the purpose of the fence. We advise our clients to utilize use-appropriate materials to ensure the best performance. What most property owners fail to realize is the importance of doing so. Little do they know that this small adjustment makes an extremely huge difference. It is necessary to know the specific characteristics of each to determine how you can maximize it. However, there is no need to worry if you are not that familiar with the materials, since our team can guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking for durable, affordable, or ornamental fences, we certainly have something for you.

How Tall Should My Fence Be?

There is no requirement for fences unless there are fence regulations in your area. Otherwise, the height of your fences is entirely up to your preference. If you prefer complete privacy, you can opt for tall fences which are about 7 to 10 feet high. It can definitely keep intruders and trespassers off from your property. It can also help ensure better security. On the other hand, if you prefer less concealment and an unobstructed view, you can go for shorter fences. These fences are perfect in serving as an ornament as well as in keeping pets and children within the house perimeter.

How Long Will the Fence Last?

Our fences are very durable and dependable and can last up to 10 years. With proper care and maintenance, we can even guarantee that it can survive for longer than that. But of course, it still depends on the material used for your fences. There are specific materials, such as chain link, simtek, and vinyl, which does not require as much maintenance. However, if you are opting for wood, make sure that you monitor it closely and do regular check-ups on it. Here at The Pittsburgh Fence Company, we also offer maintenance to help you take care of your fences.