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Spaces such as baseball and softball fields should always be safe. In places which are always filled with people, safety should always be a priority. Any facility that is available to the public needs to be secured and free from danger to avoid injury. While baseball and softball fields are generally safe, there is always a possibility for accidents, especially that the sports involved includes powerful batting.

Balls can fly fast and far, to any direction, sso there are four back stop dimensions available to cater to secure everyone’s safety. Ideally, all these dimensions are installed in the field for all-out safety.

Listed below are the different back stop fence dimensions.

  • Backstop Fencing

The highest of all fences at 4.88 meters, which is typically placed at the rear of the field. It has a curved top, to ensure that balls don’t fly over the fences, no matter how high the trajectory of the ball is.

  • Protective Fence for Spectators

Since baseball is often flocked by fans, it is crucial to keep them safe and protected while enjoying the match. This type of back stop fence has dimensions of 50 mm by 2.44 m which uses chain link material to ensure an unobstructed view.

  • Protective Fencing for the Player Bench

As much as the audiences need to be protected, the players need equal protection as well. This one has the same dimensions as the protective fence for spectators, and it is placed in front of the dugout and at the player bench.

  • Outfield Fence

This backstop fence has dimensions of 50 mm by 2.4 m with a ground clearance of 25.4 mm.

To ensure that the back stop fences get to give the best and ultimate protection, make sure to source fences from trusted fence contractor in Pittsburgh. Through which, you can be secured of the quality and durability of the equipment.

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