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These fences are available in various sizes and shapes to serve specific purposes. If you are looking for special enclosures to fit your needs, the list below includes the different available options that we have.

  • Tool and Equipment Cages

If you are into construction or just looking for secured cages, this type of enclosure may suit you best. It can ensure extreme security which can allow you to keep even the most expensive tool or equipment. Normally, our tool and equipment cages are made of mesh material which has proven credibility in terms of strength.

  • Batting Cages

This is an essential instrument when practicing batting skills. If made of durable and quality materials, it can last long without needing replacement. When getting one, make sure to get tough-wearing cages to ensure that it can sustain powerful impact. This type of enclosure is useful in safeguarding that the ball remains within the perimeter.

·         Safety Enclosures

Perfect for households and properties with playgrounds and trampolines. Since children are prone to accidents and injury, make sure to install this type of enclosure to keep them safe. As parents and guardians, we cannot guarantee to always keep our eyes on our children, especially the toddlers. So, to give you the peace of mind, safety enclosures can aid in ensuring the safety of your child when playing.

·         Dog Kennel and Cages

Our dog cages and kennels are very robust and sturdy and can surely withstand impact. Its design is very pet-friendly to keep fur parents from worrying about the safety of their pet. These dog kennels are very tough-wearing and can endure your dog’s scratches and bites. If you have not gotten your dog a cage of his own, make sure to secure one as soon as you can. It is vital for dogs to have a safe  burrow.

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